CEO Letter

Linking multiple practitioners to your new Minor ID

If you are new to eClaims, then for Medicare/DVA to pay your claims, we need to first link your provider number/s to the Minor ID we (Altura Health) have issued with (starting with ADV…).

Review steps 1 and 2 (below) and please send the completed forms back to Altura Health and not Medicare directly. This way we can double check the forms have been completed correctly, but also this allows us to check in with Medicare and ensure they have processed your paperwork.

Send your completed documents to Altura Health:
Fax: 02 9632 0096

TIMEFRAME: Medicare takes approximately 10 business days to process this paperwork. Without this being completed, no Medicare or Veterans claims sent from eClaims can be processed nor paid.


Step 1 – Linking Your Practitioners to your Minor ID

IMPORTANT You can only a practitioner provider number to one software product.

Print out form >>
(HW052 – Online Banking Form)

If some doctors want to get paid into separate accounts, then you will need a HW052 form per bank account.

Below are some tips to help you complete the form.

  1. Location ID – Fill in the Minor ID – your Altura Health Sales representative can give you this, starting with “ADV0….”
  2. Practice details section – Enter the details for the practice or the medical centre. You need to fill out at least one of either the Practice details or Corporate details section.
  3. Corporate Details section – only complete this section if you belong to a group of practices. You need to fill out at least one of either the Practice details or Corporate details section.
  4. Bank Account Details section – ensure to complete this section. This tells Medicare where to deposit the money for claims for all provider numbers listed in this form.Take note of the effective date in field 11. Remember that you can only link one software per provider number, and after that date, you will no longer be able to use your old software to send claims for the provider numbers on this form.
  5. Payee Provider Details section – This section tells Medicare which provider numbers should be paid to the bank account listed above. This could refer to a single provider with multiple provider numbers, or multiple providers with one or more provider numbers. Remember that the claims for all provider numbers listed in section 15 will be paid into the account listed in field 11.
  6. In field 11 – Also ensure to tick both tick boxes: ‘Medicare bulk bill and Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ and ‘Australian Childhood Immunisation Register claims’.

Step 2 – Registering for GST

Print out form >>
(RCTI Form)

Only required by practitioners that claim GST for some item numbers, usually required by allied health providers e.g. DVA Community Nursing, exercise physiologists, optometrists, etc. If you fall under this category, you will need to complete an RCTI Agreement also. If you have already signed an RCTI Agreement, then you do not need to do this again.

Not required by general practitioners, specialists, radiologists or pathologists.