eClaims Hybrid – Import File Naming Conventions

Applies to XML import files only

The naming convention of the import files are importantonly if the file type is XML.


For Excel File Types

A strict naming convention is not required, you can name the file as you wish.


For XML File Types

In either option, the file extension is important, it must be .HINX

Option 1 – Date and File Increment

Format: yyyymmddiii.hinx

Example: 20161229000.hinx


  • yyyy is the year e.g. 2016
  • mm is the month e.g. 12 for December
  • dd is the day of the month e.g. 29 for the 29th
  • iii is the issue or file increment e.g. 000 for the first file, 001 for the second file that day
    • can also be 2 digits, e.g. ii, rather than iii


Option 2: Batch Number

If your system can, and you would rather assemble the claims in a batch and assign the batch number, then you can create a file named that way. eClaims will import the claims and send it to Medicare/DVA/Health Funds with that batch number.

Format: X1111.hinx

Example: #1234.hinx (for all inhospital Medicare/DVA batch excluding pathology) or A1234 (for all other batches)

Last updated: September 5, 2018 at 12:12 pm