Medicare Banking Form

If you have already registered for online claiming, but you wish to change or update your banking information, then you need to submit a Banking Form to Medicare.

Medicare is currently taking anywhere between 5-9 working days to get these forms processed.

Step 1:  Print the Banking Form

HW052 – Banking Details Online Claiming Form

If each doctor gets paid into their own account:
– Complete the HW052 form for each doctor that wishes to update their bank account.

If all doctors get paid into the organisation bank account:
– Then you only need to complete one HW052 form
– You do not need each doctor to sign the form. You only need the nominated doctor linked to the organisatino (known as the payee provider) to sign the form. If you are not sure who your payee doctor in eClaims is, please contact our sales team for assistance on 02 9632 0026 and press option 1.

  1. Location Identifier – Fill in the Minor ID – your ACSS Sales representative can give you this, starting with “ADV0….”
  2. Practice Details – Complete the Practice Details section. This is the facility or practice information
  3. Corporate Details – Only complete this section if you are part of a corporate group with 2 or more practices
  4. Bank Account Details – fill this section in. This tells Medicare where to deposit your payments and tick both ‘Medicare Bulk Bill’ and ‘Australian Childhood Immunisation register’  tickboxes
  5. Payee provider details – Fill in the ‘Provider 1′ section, and only fill out Provider 2 to 6 if you have other Provider numbers whose banking details you want to change as well.

Step 2: Send your forms to Medicare

You can send it to them using one of the following methods.

NSW/ACT: 02 9895 3190
VIC/TAS: 03 9605 7981
QLD: 07 3004 5526
WA/SA/NT: 08 9214 8173

Step 3: Follow up with Medicare

Call Medicare at 1800 700 199 after 5-9 business days to check if the Banking Form has been processed.