Registering for GST

This form allows you to claim for GST-applicable items. This is necessary if you will send DVA claims. If you are already claiming for GST-applicable items from DVA, then you do not need to fill this out again.

Once you have completed this form, send them back to Altura Health along with the Banking Form, if you haven’t done that yet (see https://alturahealth.com.au/banking-form). We will review them and then submit them to Medicare Australia for you.

Timeframe: Medicare Australia is currently taking anywhere up to 2-3 weeks to process these forms.

Send your completed documents to Altura Health:
Fax: 02 9632 0096
Email: sales@alturahealth.com.au

Registering for GST
(Recipient Created Tax Invoice [RCTI] Agreement)

This is only required for practitioners that claim GST for some item numbers, usually by allied health providers (e.g. DVA Community Nursing, exercise physiologists, optometrists, etc.). If you fall under this category, you will need to complete an RCTI Agreement also. If you have already signed an RCTI Agreement, then you do not need to do this again.

Not required by general practitioners, specialists, radiologists or pathologists.

  1. DVA supplier identification number – Put your provider number here. If doing this for a community nursing facility, put the facility provider number. If you are going to claim for multiple providers, attach a list that shows all provider names, provider numbers, and addresses.
  2. Contact Name – Put the provider’s full name. If doing this for a community nursing facility, then put the contact person’s full name.