Applying for a PKI (Location) Site Certificate

For hospitals looking to send claims electronically to the health funds

If you already have a Site Certificate, then this page doesn’t apply to you. Please let your Altura Health representative know, or find out what Medicare forms you need to fill out here.

STEP 1 – Print out the PKI Site Certificate Form
(HW025 – Hospital Site Certificate Form)

Below are some tips to help you complete the form.

  1. Certificate manager’s details section – you will need to elect someone in your organisation to be the contact person for your Site Certificate application. This can be a health practitioner, owner, or manager. However, Medicare will only talk with this person when relating to your Site Certificate.
  2. If the CM (Certificate Manager) has a provider number, then please specify this in field 2 – ‘Medicare Provider Number.’ If the CM you nominated has no provider number, he will have to submit additional IDs. See the FAQ below to learn which IDs are acceptable.
  3. Ensure to enter the ‘Minor Id’ – your Altura Health Sales representative can give you this, starting with “ADV0….”
  4. Health Sector Entity’s Details section – enter the facility’s details. The registered name and trading name should be exactly as they appear based on the ABN.
  5. Ensure to put your facility provider number in field 10 – ‘Hospital/Day Procedure Centre facility ID’
  6. Location Details section – the ‘Location name’ – enter the facility’s trading name.
  7. Location Id (field 12) – is the Minor ID – your Altura Health Sales representative can give you this, starting with “ADV0….”
  8. If you already have a Site Certificate, in field 13 – ‘Does the Hospital/Day procedure Centre have an Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Registration Authority (RA) number?’
    1. The tick Yes and enter your RA number.
    2. Otherwise tick No.
  9. Field 14 – Enter the date when you plan to start In Hospital claiming.
  10. Certificate Manager’s Declaration section – have the CM fill this entire section out
  11. Authoriser’s Declaration – This is based on your ABN as registered with the ATO, if the entity:
    1. is a sole trader, then the sole trader can complete this section
    2. is a private or public company, a director of the company must complete this section
    3. is a trust, one of the trustees must complete this section

STEP 2 – Print out the Acceptable Referee Identification Form
(HW004 – Acceptable Referee Form)

Below are some tips to help you complete the form.

  1. Applicant’s Details section – this is the Certificate Manager you elected on your Site Certificate Form in step 1 above.
  2. In field 3 – ensure to tick the appropriate option:
    1. If you are a sole trader or individual –  tick ‘A Site Certificate as a sole trader’
    2. If you are a business (ie. a Pty Ltd or public company) – tick ‘A Site Certificate (non individuals)’
  3. Site/Organisation Details section – this is your organisation name. The registered name should be exactly as it appears based on the ABN. If you are a sole trader, then put your name as registered with the ATO. If you rent rooms at a practice, do not put their organisation name.
  4. Applicant’s Declaration section – this should be completed by the Certificate Manager, same as in the Applicants Details section above.
  5. Referee’s Details section – have someone other than yourself complete this. A list of authorised referees are shown on the left of page 2. It includes doctors, nurses, etc. He must not be someone from the same organization, nor can he be related to the Certificate Manager or the Authoriser.
  6. Referee’s Declaration section – have the referee from the above section sign this section

STEP 3 – Certified Documents

You will need to provide some evidence, essentially documentation for Medicare to correctly identify you and/or the organisation. Please review the list below and see which applies to you and your business entity. Multiple could apply.

  1. If the Certificate Manager has no provider number, provide a copy of his IDs and have it certified by the Referee.
  2. If the Authoriser has no provider number, provide a copy of his IDs and have it certified by the Referee.
  3. If you trade under a Trust, also provide a certified copy of the First and the Last Page (signature page) of the Trust Deed. The Authoriser must be a signatory of the Trust.
  4. For all businesses or sole traders with a trading name, submit one of the following and have it certified by the Referee:
    1. A copy of the notice issued by the Registrar of the ABR bearing the business entity’s name, ABN and the Authoriser’s name as the business entity’s Public Officer;

      OR if unable to provide this

    2. A legal or regulatory document that proves the Authoriser has the capability to commit the business entity and the ABN (For example, a deed of appointment).

      The Authoriser must be listed as a director of the company.

STEP 4 – Submit the documents

Send your paperwork back to us using one of the following methods:

Fax: 02 9632 0096

Or you may send the paperwork directly to Medicare at If you want us to follow it up for you however, then you need to send it through us or copy us in when you email Medicare.

STEP 5 – Linking Your Provider Number/s to Your New Minor ID

If you haven’t done this part yet, proceed to this page to find out what other Medicare forms you need to fill out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

Who should be the Certificate Manager (CM)–the doctor or the facility manager?

The CM can be the business owner, manager or the doctor (with a provider number). However if the CM does not have a provider number, then more paperwork is required, so often it is easier to make the doctor the CM.

What sort of IDs can the CM and/or the Authoriser provide?

If the CM or Authoriser has no provider number, he or she will need to provide one certified ID from the Primary Group and one certified ID from the Secondary Group. See the table below.

Make sure to include a deed poll or marriage certificate if there is a difference in name on these documents.

Primary Group

  • Australian Passport
  • Foreign passport
  • Australian driver license
  • Australian Government issued proof of age card/photo card
  • Australian secondary student identity document (issued by a government agency or Australian school only)
  • ImmiCard

Secondary Group

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issued Certificate or Document of Identity
  • DFAT issued United Nations convention travel document
  • Foreign government issued documents (e.g., driver licences)
  • Medicare Card
  • Enrolment with the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Security guard/crowd control photo licence
  • Evidence of right to a government benefit (Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink)
  • Consular photo identity card issued by DFAT
  • Police force officer photo identity card
  • Commonwealth or state/territory government photo ID card
  • Aviation Security Identification Card
  • Firearms licence
  • Credit reference check
  • Australian tertiary student photo identity document
  • Australian secondary student photo identity document
  • Certified academic transcript from an Australian university
  • Trusted referees report
  • Bank or Credit card
  • Other authoritative online sources of evidence verified by a Third Party Identity Provider
What if I cant provide 2 of the above stated forms of ID?

In this case, the CM must provide a Statutory Declaration explaining why the CM is unable to provide the 100 points ID.

Can anyone be the Acceptable Referee, perhaps another doctor?

Yes, another doctor can be the Acceptable Referee. On the Acceptable referee form on page 2, it lists all professions who can be the Acceptable Referee.

Can I have two different persons certify various documents?

Yes, you can have multiple people to certify your documents. However, you will need the certifier to complete an Acceptable Referee form.