eClaims Updates

Release Date 17/10/2019 – Version 2.02.14

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. MBS 1st November 2019 Fees Update
    The latest fees have been uploaded. There are a number of new items added to the fee schedule. These new items apply for services such as GP telehealth, colonoscopy, MRI for breast cancer, and eating disorders. There are also fee amendments made to some existing items.

    The maximum patient gap has also increased from $83.40 to $84.70. As a result, the 85% benefit for out-of-hospital services will only apply for fees up to $564.70.

    For a complete list of changes, please visit the 1st November 2019 updates page on the MBS Online website link here:

  2. Allied Health 1st October 2019 Fees Update

    DVA has introduced a new treatment cycle and new end of cycle report items for each of the various Allied Health services (excluding dental and optical).

    For detailed information about the treatment cycle and the end of cycle report, visit

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