SimDay Previous Updates

Release Date 28/03/2019 – Version 2.11.10

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. IFC & Billing Screen > Increase “Type C” text size
    We have increased the font size of the Type C and Type B text that informs users when performing IFCs or Bilings that a procedure involved one of those types:
  2. Patient Record > Patient Sex Missing “I” for Indeterminate
    We have now introduced a new gender that you can assign patients in the Patient Record. You can now assign “I” for Indeterminate if a patient does not fall into the category of Male, Female or Unknown.To summarise, you can now enter the following genders in the SimDay Patient Record:

    F = Female
    M = Male
    I = Indeterminate
    U = Unknown

  3. Data Extraction > ISAAC modifications 1 July 2019
    South Australia ISAAC Modifications 1 July 2019:We have introduced the modifications for ISAAC monthly data reporting for the 2019/20 collection period.
  4. OEC > New Illness Codes
    There are new illness codes effective 1st April which can now be used when performing patient eligibility checks in SimDay.

Release Date 12/11/2018 – Version 2.11.09

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Theatre Bookings Cancellation History We have added the ability to record theatre session cancellations so you can produce reports showing doctors that cancel often. This also shows the reason why they cancelled.In the theatre booking screen, under the edit screen, we included a tick box that indicates a cancellation. The hospital can then enter the cancellation reason under the Notes Section. The Report can be accessed from Reports > More Reports > General Stats. The Report is called Cancel Theatre Bookings.
  2. Recovery Report We have added a report showing patients’ expected time coming out of theatre, which is for the Recovery nurse to prepare. You can also sort the list in expected recovery entry times.You can Print this through the Print List in the Booking Screen.
  3. Other Services (EAN Numbers) We have added the ability to search for EAN numbers (barcode numbers).First off you will need to add the EAN Numbers. Go to Setup > Other Service and Add the EAN numbers for each prosthetic item. Once the EAN numbers are added, you can now search for the numbers in the patient appointments – Other Services Tab.
  4. IFC Discharge Date (Overnight Patient) When doing IFCs, if the patient is overnight, it will pull through and set the Discharge date from the Proposed discharge date.Set Proposed Discharge Date in the appointment first, then do an IFC.
  5. Easily untick all sms recipients You will now be able to untick all sms recipients with one double click instead of having to untick each recipient.In the header of the grid, the first column has a tick icon. If you double click it, it will untick all sms recipients.
  6. Patient Reports – Word Processing Templates You can now type letters and mail merge patient information into your patient letters. Create various templates to make patient letter typing quick and easy. These patient letters are saved in the patients ‘Reports’ section.
  7. Prostheses Update SimDay now has the capabilities of updating Prostheses Fees as well as creating new items, so if you hadn’t already updated your own fees, SimDay would most probably have done it for you.The update process is automatic and will move your current fees to the old fees section and update the threshold date. This automated process will be only used in future for large volume updates.  
  8. DHHS (TAS) July 2018 data extraction As of July 2018 the Tasmanian Data Extract has changed slightly to now include the patient’s address and name. We have made the necessary changes in Simday as required by Tas Health.
  9. MBS Theatre Banding – November 2018 Codes for theatre items have been updated to the latest version.

Release Date 16/04/2018 – Version 2.11.08

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Comms Centre – Reprint
  2. When re-printing exception and payment files, OECs could cause the list to be very long. OECs are now excluded to prevent this from happening. Only the Processing report and Payment report are included. Users can still choose to include OECs if they want. simday_-_reprint
  3. General Stats – Zapped Bookings
  4. The General Stats report can now also show deleted bookings. simday_-_deleted
  5. Bookings – Appointment Procedure Schedule
  6. The Appointment Procedure Schedule has been increased to 10 lines, from its previous of just two lines. Users may now book a patient for a procedure up to 10 times. simday_3
  7. Scanning – Default Scanner
  8. There is now a default scanner option. simday_4
  9. New Functionality – Bed Tracking
  10. This is a new feature, applicable to overnight facilities, allowing users to manage individual beds within a ward. Please call our support team for a walk through on this feature, if this is something that might be useful to your facility. simday_5
  11. Theatre Booking – Slot Width
  12. The space of slots in the theatre booking has been increased to include the anaesthetist. simday_6
  13. SMS – Order Tab
  14. Ordering from the SMS Order tab now links to a webpage where users can pay for the credits and receive them instantly. simday_7
  15. Preadmit – Print All
  16. Users can now print all pages in the Preadmit report, instead of having to print one page at a time. simday_8
  17. Bookings – All List Mode Colours
  18. The All List filter in the Booking Screen now retains the colours assigned to the corresponding theatre.
  19. MBS Theatre Banding – November 2017
  20. Codes for theatre items have been updated to the latest version.

Release Date 26/06/2017 – Version 2.11.07

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. New Care Type Field
  2. For WA, we added new codes for the Care Type field in the Admission screen.
  3. Contract/Spoke Identifier
  4. For VIC, we added a list of campus codes to the Contract/Spoke Identifier.
  5. Fund Code Mapping
  6. We fixed the issue where Phoenix Health and Police Health Funds were not being mapped to the HCP code. When you do a data extract, those funds will now show correctly.
  7. ICD 10
  8. ICD codes have also been updated to the 10th edition (ICD-10), which came into effect 1/7/2017.
  9. DRG Version 9
  10. The DRG table has also been updated to version 9.
  11. HCP 2017-18 Changes
  12. Regarding PHDB and HCP, the data extract now reflects changes for the 2017-2018 collection period.
  13. Data Extract Changes
  14. We made some changes to the data extract for TAS and SA, to show the changes effective 1 July 2017.
  15. New Theatre Bandings
  16. MBS items and theatre bandings have been updated, based on the changes released 1st July 2017.
  17. Visasys Grouper DRG Version 9
  18. We have updated the options to allow users to run Visasys Grouper for version 9.

Release Date 06/03/2017 – Version 2.11.06

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Reports – Anaesthetic Revenue – Detail
  2. Users would no longer get errors when running the Details layout of the Anaesthetic Revenue Report.
  3. Appointment Screen – Accom Type Not Picking Up Default Set
  4. When users created a new appointment or set a new patient episode to overnight, the accommodation screen default was not saving properly. This is now fixed.
  5. SMS – Invalid Number “61”
  6. When selecting more than 5 patient names in submitting an SMS, it used to result in an error. This has also been corrected.

Release Date 24/01/2017 – Version 2.11.05

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Length of Stay Reports – Error with CSURGICALASS
  2. We fixed the error that occurs when running any of the Length of Stay reports.
  3. IHC Extract – Error Report
  4. When running the IHC Extract and if there was something missing for the episode, like Coding or Grouping, it now shows what is missing in that episode, so it is more specific.
  5. Booking – Theatre Screen Fields Order
  6. Tabbing in the Theatre Screen now works in a smoother order, for faster data entry.
  7. OECs – Option for automated report retrieval
  8. In the last release, users were enabled to submit and receive OECs directly from the booking screen, instead of going to Comms Centre. We have now added an option to turn this on or off, so OECs may now either be automatically retrieved at the point of submission (new way), or by going to the Comms Centre (old way). If you would like this turned off/on, please contact our support team, and we can assist with this.

Release Date 10/11/2016 – Version 2.11.04

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. MBS Items > 1 November 2016 Update
  2. New MBS surgical items have been added to the code list, including the National Procedure Bandings for those items. A summary of the changes by the NPBC can be viewed here.
  3. Patient History > Unadmit Ability
  4. Users now have the ability to un-admit an admitted episode for a patient. This can be done from the Patient History screen. 2-11-04-1
  5. Unbilled Revenue Report – Step Down Report
  6. We added a new report which allows you to find out how much revenue you have yet to bill if you were to discharge and bill all patients. This report is suitable for overnight facilities. 2-11-04-2
  7. OECs – Saves to Patient Record Reports automatically
  8. After you submit and retrieve OECs, it is now saved as a PDF report in the Patient Record Reports section. So you no longer have to scan the document back into the Patient Record.
  9. OECs – Submit and Receive OEC Report instantly
  10. Up until this update, every time you submitted an OEC request, to retrieve the OEC report, you had to go to the Comms Centre and download the OEC Report. We had a number of users request we skip that step of having to go to the Comms Centre to retrieve the report as well as save a copy of the OEC Report in the Patient Record. So now when you submit an OEC Request, you will notice the OEC automatically go to the Comms Centre to retrieve the report. The OEC report should come back within a few seconds, as it did before. However, the health fund sometimes has technical issues. There are times when it’s Medicare’s issue, which affects all health funds, and sometimes it’s just a particular health fund having a technical issue, which means the OEC Report is not available. If this occurs, then you can continue on with your work, perform other OEC requests, and each time you submit a request, it checks for pending OEC reports. If you do not have any further OEC requests, then you can go back to the original way and go back to the Comms Centre and check it manually. We have found in the past that when a health fund has OEC technical issues, they take approx. 1-2 hrs to resolve it. Unfortunately, the health funds do not send us notifications of issues. We tend to find out only when SimDay users call us. The health funds do have a website with a service status, but we find that this is not often updated. It is a good website to bookmark nonetheless: 2-11-04-3
  11. OEC – Ability to Do It Outside of the Booking Screen
  12. We have added the ability to do OECs outside of the Booking Screen–for example, from the Patient Record. Prior to this update, you could only do an update from the Booking Screen, which meant you needed to make an episode for the patient first to be able to do the OEC. 2-11-04-4
  13. Length of Stay Report – now includes the Procedure Start and Finish Time
  14. The Length of Stay report was modified to include the Procedure Start and Finish Time when exported to Excel.
  15. Data Extract – VAED Extract – Overnight episodes issue
  16. We had an issue when extracting the VAED data for the previous month, where patients admitted in the previous month but discharged in the current month, and were not yet coded. SimDay was forcing users to code those episodes that did not need to be coded yet. This has been resolved.
  17. Fees – Overnight Fees now have a rebate column
  18. Facilities providing overnight stays can now do IFCs as we have added a rebate column for the overnight fees. You can now go in and set the rebate for all accommodation classes. 2-11-04-5

Release Date 04/07/2016 – Version 2.11.03

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Appointment Screen – Referring Doctor Details
  2. We have added a field to store the referring doctor on the patient screen. Patient referrals now also populate to the Appointment Screen when a new episode is created. uu1
  3. Appointment Screen – Expired Referral Alerts
  4. You can now be alerted (if you wish) if the patient’s referral is expired or missing for a specific episode. The alert will show when in the Appointment Screen. By default, this is disabled. If you want to turn this on, follow these steps:
    • Go to the Maintenance Menu
    • Click on System Param
    • On the bottom left tick ‘Referral Alert’
  5. Preadmit – Holding Bay Screen
  6. Simday now integrates with Preadmit. Preadmit is an online patient portal which saves hospital admission staff time from manually keying in patient admission form data into SimDay. To find out more about Preadmit and how it can save your facility time, contact our sales team on 02 9632 0026 extension 1.
  7. Reports – Bed Occupancy
  8. A detailed version of this report has been added to the Bed Occupancy Report. This report allows you to drill into any particular night and see who occupied a bed. uu3
  9. Reports – Length of Stay
  10. Length of Stay reports can now be filtered based on Theatre. uu4
  11. Reports – Length of Stay
  12. Length of Stay reports can now be filtered based on Theatre.
  13. Reports – Episode Detail
  14. The Excel file exported from the Episode Detail list now includes the total revenue for that episode.
  15. Reports – Theatre List
  16. The Theatre List export now includes all referring doctor details in the Excel file. uu5
  17. Patient History – Resubmitting Claims
  18. ECLIPSE claims can now be reset, so that they can be extracted again and resent to the health funds. This also applies to rejections. uu6
  19. Wristband Printing – Printer Selection
  20. Users can now select which printer to use for wristband printing. This is useful if you have two printers (e.g., one with standard white wristbands, and another printer holding the red wristbands).
  21. Data Extractions – Changes
  22. Modifications were made to the VIC VAED, HCP and ISAAC data extractions to conform to recent changes effective 1st July 2016.

Release Date 16/03/2016 – Version 2.11.02

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

    1. Reports – Arrears Report Filter

Arrears Report can now be filtered based on different date ranges, like “15 days or over.” This way you can save on paper when you only need to chase moneys over a certain date.


    1. Reports – Arrears Report Fund Names

Health fund names have also been added to the Arrears Report. Previously, it just had the fund codes, making it easier to tell which health fund has the outstanding amounts.


    1. IHC Extract – Remove Off List

Users can now remove certain invoices from the IFC extract if they want to, so that those invoices will not appear in the list when doing the IHC Data Extract.

You can access this feature from the Patient History and by clicking on “Inv Sts”.


    1. Reports – Midnight Census

A constraint has been added allowing users to filter for specific ward.


The Midnight Census report has also been fixed to include only inpatients.

    1. Reports – Un Coded

The default order has been modified. Users can now also order by discharge date.

A new report has also been added to display admitted patients but not yet discharged. This report is great for Day Hospitals, to check that they have discharged all patients the following day.


    1. Reports – ECLIPSE Summary List

This has been fixed to exclude OEC from the report. Now, only IHC claims are on there, making this report much shorter in length and much more useful.


    1. Reports – Monthly Patient Activity

In the past, this report took a while to generate. We have worked on this report, and it should generate much faster now.


    1. Reports – Episode Detail

An option has been added to order by discharge date and surgeon. However, due to space on the screen, it just shows as “Date + Surgeon”.

A Theatre constraint has also been added to the report.


Also, we have added both the Theatre and Principal Item information to the report printout.

    1. IFC – Type B Flag

Users are now notified if the procedure is Type B.

    1. Backup – New Routine

The system has been set to backup the full data, including tables, letters and images, once a month, where it was previously doing this daily. This was causing issues with servers storing gigabits of backups.

Since your IT/network team (internal or outsourced) are managing your backups daily already (if they are not please talk to them to arrange this), a second backup by Altura Health is overkill and consumes too much space on the server.

    1. Admission Screen – Surgery Connect

The Admission Screen has been changed to make Surgery Connect episodes easier and avoid rejects from the Department of Health.

The ‘source of referral’ for all Surgery Connect patients will default to “Private med practitioner”, instead of “Non admitted patient.”

    1. Third-Party Statements

These are now exportable to Excel, so they can be tweaked before it goes out to the third-party. However, if you still prefer to print out the statement, then click on the No button when the alert window comes up.


Release Date 28/10/2014 – Version 2.10.03

Below are listed the latest update changes in this release:

  1. Theatre screen
  2. The Theatre Screen has been rearranged to fit the Other Services fields. Codes entered will be carried over to the Billing Screen also.